PBF products are manufactured by
high-quality management system requirements

Manufacturing in the Netherlands

PBF manufactures in the Netherlands products which require a higher level of complexity and with limited quantities. Examples of the activities in our factory in the Netherlands:

  • Assembly of power supply cabinets
  • Assembly of power supplies with high power
  • Production of special coils and transformers, linear motor drives and sub systems
  • Production of more complex subassemblies
  • Fully automated testing of Power Supplies

Manufacturing in Romania

To serve the European market, PBF has its own production facility in Cluj Romania and additionally manufactures through a partner in Romania.
Final assembly, functional and safety testing of power supply units takes place in our production location in Romania.

For products which require special licenses or treatment, a wide range of solutions is offered including: Class II, Class III, Ex, Clean Room, ISO-9001:2000 and UL. The quality control department uses a wide range of manual and automated techniques for complete testing of PCBs, PCB assemblies and finished products.

Manufacturing in China

To serve the Asian market and to produce higher quantities, PBF manufactures through a partner in China.

A specialized product quality control QA team of around 100 employees strictly follows the ISO-9001 and ISO-16949 quality management system requirements, the whole process control for the product life cycle and ensures high quality of the delivered products.