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Dutch subsidiary PBF Group B.V. receives major order for External Transformer Units used in high quality laser systems

SFC Energy announces the receipt of a major order by their Dutch subsidiary PBF B.V. for the delivery of External Transformer Units used for the operation of high tech laser equipment for manufacturing of consumer electronics. The value of the order amounts to EUR 0.7m.

The new order is a follow up order. PBF’s External Transformer Units were again selected due to their high precision and reliability in delivering smooth power to the laser systems, independent of where in the world the laser systems are used. These units are fully integrated systems, featuring several extra functions, e.g. a Safety Stop function.

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Dutch subsidiary PBF and WhisperPower B.V. enter into Power Electronics Manufacturing Agreement

SFC Energy announces the signing of a power electronics manufacturing agreement of their Dutch subsidiary PBF B.V. with WhisperPower B.V., Drachten, the Netherlands. Whisper Power will have the full range of their popular AC PowerCube high power inverter series produced at SFC Energy’s manufacturing site in Cluj, Romania, which already produces other high quality power electronics of PBF.
WhisperPower specializes in high quality, quiet, integrated modern hybrid energy systems and efficient electrical system solutions for boats, yachts, vehicles, houses and objects with no or no permanent connection to the grid.

“We selected SFC Energy’s Romanian manufacturing site due to PBF’s excellent design capabilities and track record in the production of high quality power products,” says Roel ter Heide, owner and director of WhisperPower. “The production of our high-tech, high-quality products requires state-of-the-art electronics know-how and manufacturing expertise. Thanks to the fast, professional production team at Cluj, we can bring our popular products to the customer in excellent quality and turnaround time.”

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PBF Group BV receives major order for premium power supply solutions for security, safety- and communication needs

PBF Group BV (PBF), a company of SFC Energy AG, has received a major order of a large, international security systems company for the delivery of premium power supply solutions for security, safety- and communication needs in Asia and Europe. The order will generate total revenues to the amount of EUR 3.16 million.

PBF’s premium power supplies will be used to deliver stable voltage to public address and professional audio systems used at airports, railway stations, event locations etc. Positioned between socket and device, PBF’s premium power supplies ensure that device is supplied with exactly the voltage it requires. This significantly reduces energy costs for operation of the devices, improves their performance, and simultaneously extends their useful life.

“It is our mission to provide reliable, easy to use power solutions to our customers that meet their specific applications requirements”, says Hans Pol, CSO of SFC Energy.

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SFC Energy launches EFOY Pro 12000 Duo, a 500 W fuel cell for industrial applications

On the occasion of the EWEA Offshore in Copenhagen SFC Energy AG introduces the latest addition to their portfolio of reliable off-grid power generators: The new EFOY Pro 12000 Duo is a 500 W direct methanol fuel cell for professional and industrial applications.

The EFOY Pro 12000 Duo integrates proven SFC fuel cell technology with maximum scalability and application flexibility in SFC’s most powerful fuel cell to date. The new power source is available for beta testing; sales will start in Q4 2015.

“Where other power sources like solar modules or Diesel generators fail or are too costly in effort and logistics, our fuel cells offer a cost-attractive, reliable alternative.”, says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy.

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92.5 percent of EFOY fuel cell owners recommend it to their friends!

EFOY fuel cells make customers happy: In a 2014 customer satisfaction poll performed by SFC Energy 92.5 percent of almost 2,000 EFOY fuel cell owners said that they would recommend it anytime. EFOY-customers are very satisfied with function, service and fuel cartridge network. “We are proud to see that our customers are happy with us and our power supplies”, says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy. “Silent, reliable, environmentally friendly power, anytime, in any weather, without any user intervention - this is our customer promise. The poll shows that we fully live up to it.”

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SFC receives study order by German Bundeswehr

In the study’s context SFC Energy will analyze the application potentials and the adaptation requirements of SFC Energy’s commercial 0.5 kW fuel cell for German Bundeswehr. The 0.5 kW fuel cell will feature a multiplication of power over EMILY, thus opening new capacities and applications, e.g. in mobile command posts or as stationary field charger.

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Dutch Ambassador visits PBF production site in Romania

Matthijs van Bonzel, Ambassador of The Kingdom of the Netherlands, Bucharest, Romania and the Republic of Moldova, has paid a visit to PBF Power S.R.L. in Cluj-Napoca on his tour of Dutch companies actively engaged in Romania. He visited PBF together with the Honorary Consul of Cluj, Wouter Reijers, who has been working with PBF for several years as a consultant.

PBF Power S.R.L. is a subsidiary of PBF Group B.V., a company of SFC Energy, specializing in switched mode power supply solutions and special coils. PBF develops, manufactures and markets these power conversion solutions from simple power supply units to high complex power systems for top-level producers of professional machines and equipment.

In addition to the location in Cluj Napoca PBF operates worldwide from headquarters in Almelo, the Netherlands. Both sites feature development as well as manufacturing facilities with 65 employees in the Netherlands and 35 in Romania.

During his visit Matthijs van Bonzel congratulated PBF Power on their success in Romania. Cluj-Napoca is the second most populous city in Romania and home to operations of 400 Dutch companies. Geographically, it is located between Bucharest, Budapest, and Belgrade. The city hosts Romania’s largest university and is fast becoming one of the country's most important academic, cultural, industrial and business centers, attracting a growing number of foreign companies.

More information on PBF Group B.V. at

Picture (from left):, Matthijs van Bonzel, Ambassador of The Kingdom of the Netherlands, Romania, Wouter Reijers, Honorary Consul of The Kingdom of the Netherlands, Romania and Dennis Heerink, General Site Manager, PBF Group

PBF website shines in a new design and has a user-friendly interface that meets the customers’ needs

Today, PBF Group B.V. launched its new company website on

With its new website, PBF gets even closer to its customer. On the new site the customer will find latest information about the company and its custom power supply solutions and coils also regarding the different application areas.

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SFC Energy AG: next strategic step towards systems supplier, forward integration and expansion into North-American oil & gas market by acquiring Simark Controls Ltd.

SFC Energy AG, a market leader for off grid power generation and stationary power distribution, today signed a contract to acquire Simark Controls Ltd. (Simark), a Canadian value added (VAR) distributing company with product integration and manufacturing expertise for power products, instrumentation, and automation. This forward integration is a further important step in implementing SFC’s strategy as a systems provider.

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