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New EFOY ProEnergyBox

SFC’s latest developed energy solution is the new EFOY ProEnergyBox, especially designed to withstand severe weather conditions. EFOY ProEnergyBox is specified for temperatures from plus 50 to minus 40 °C.
It is available in two standard sizes to hold either one or two EFOY Pro fuel cell generators and up to four 28 liter EFOY fuel cartridges.

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Convergint’s off-grid oil and gas surveillance trailers are powered by EFOY Pro fuel cells

Convergint Technologies uses the EFOY Pro fuel cells from SFC Energy to provide reliable off-grid power to the equipment on their surveillance trailers. The mobile trailers are used for a broad variety of surveillance and monitoring applications at remote oil and gas sites. One specific field of application is bird and nature observation at oil production sites to protect animals and plants.

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SFC Energy launches new EMILY 3000 fuel cell generator for defense applications

SFC’s latest fuel cell generator EMILY 3000 for vehicle based defense applications is presented at SOFIC in Tampa, Florida.
The new EMILY 3000 also charges Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer batteries, offers a power increase in comparison to its predecessor of approx. 35 % and therefore opens up new on- and off-vehicle application scenarios.

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New EFOY Pro generation for professional security applications

At ISC West, Las Vegas SFC Energy AG has launched a new, even more functional generation of the successful EFOY Pro fuel cell generators for demanding security and surveillance applications.

The small, compact power packs supply off-grid energy to stationary and mobile audio and video systems, property and border protection
equipment, nature observation and traffic management systems, and many more applications.

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New EFOY Pro generation for industrial applications

SFC Energy AG launched a new, even more functional generation of the successful
EFOY Pro fuel cell generators for demanding industrial applications.
The new EFOY Pro features even more user convenience and cost savings.


SFC Energy’s EFOY Pro fuel cell generators used to power border protection equipment in Canada

EFOY Pro fuel cells power mission-critical physical security applications like covert vehicles and outdoor surveillance configurations reliably with power. By using the environmentally-friendly power generator, weeks and even months of maintenance-free power is guaranteed and saves 90 percent of weight at the same time.


EFOY Pro fuel cell generator powers eagle watch & protection equipment

The environmentally friendly EFOY Pro fuel cell generators by SFC Energy AG have enabled the undisturbed video observation of a pair of white tailed eagles over this last breeding season. The fuel cell, installed by SFC’s system integration partner and electrical engineering solutions provider Antares Ltd., UK, was selected by The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), because it provides the longest period of operation without human intervention with the smallest visible footprint, thus avoiding disrupting the endangered and highly protected birds during their breeding season.

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Van Remmen UV Techniek and PBF develop innovative power system for UV water disinfection systems

PBF Group, a member of SFC Energy Group, has developed an innovative inte-grated power supply together with UV disinfection specialist Van Remmen UV Techniek. The new power supply further increases the energy efficiency and performance of Van Remmen’s industry leading UV disinfection systems.

SFC Energy AG emphasis strategic focus on system supply by acquiring PBF Group B.V.

SFC power generation expertise combined with PBF power management know how will offer a leading system solution competence
Major growth potential for the combined SFC and PBF: increasing both companies’ presence in existing markets (industry, security, defense) and extending the customer base into new markets, such as medical equipment.

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