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power supply solutions, coils & linear drives

We are specialized in switched-mode power supply solutions and special coils & linear drives, operating worldwide. We develop, manufacture and market these power conversion solutions ranging from power supply units to highly complex power systems for top-level producers of professional machinery and equipment.


PBF high-power platform for laser applications.

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Customer-specific coils & power supply units for high-end analytical applications.

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Coils & Linear drives for lithographic semiconductor equipment.

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PBF power supply solutions

High-power platform

The PBF high-power platform is a compact and cost-effective power supply platform. Especially for the dynamic behaviour of power systems.


120 W

Output voltage
24 V



2.4 kW

Output voltage
5 ... 40 V (DC)



3.8 kW

Output voltage
5 ... 52 V (DC)



7 kW, 14 kW, 21 kW

Output voltage
2,5 ... 45 V / 5 ... 90 V
7,5 ... 135 V / 10 ... 180 V / 15 ... 270 V



up to 10.8 kW

Output voltage
0 – 50 V


Experience since 1999

Since 1999 we have been helping customers achieve their mission-critical objectives by designing and manufacturing power supplies, coils & linear drive solutions suited for laser, analytical and semiconductor applications.

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Reliable and high-quality products from the PBF Group

Power supply solutions, coils & linear drives
for laser, analytical and semiconductor applications

Customised power supply solutions

High-power platform solutions

PBF Group B.V., a company of the SFC Energy Group in the Netherlands and Romania, develops and produces highly specialised, tailor-made power supply solutions for the operation of sensitive, high-power equipment such as electron microscopes, high-tech video and audio systems and laser equipment. The customised power supply and power management systems from the PBF Group ensure that the equipment is always reliably supplied with precise power.

High-power platform

Customer-specific coils & linear drives

Special coils & linear drives

PBF develops and produces reliable coils & linear drives with the highest standards of quality. The products are used for electron microscope lenses or deflection coils, for example.

Coils & linear drives

Production Almelo 8864Linear Drive 8936Linear Drive X Actuator 8943Lab Almelo 8925Working On Ddcor 8350Production Coils Detail Soldering 8400Warehouse Cluj 8799Production Coils Cluj 8278PBF MG 8574Coils Microscope Cluj 8459

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As of January 1, 2021, all subsidiaries of the SFC Energy Group, including PBF Group B.V., will operate under the name SFC Energy B.V.

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